Jul 232013

For years, I have been trying to captivate audiences.  Sometimes successfully.  Sometimes not.

I can recall several times in my life where I have experienced the “captivation” first hand – at an event perhaps.  Looking back, those are some of the most powerful moments of my career.  One time in particular, I was Producing live video for the LED screens at a Music Festival (one of the biggest in the country).  I remember looking at the “sea” of people – 100,000 of them.  I was thinking there were about 200,000 eyes on the video we were producing at that particular moment.  And they were ENGAGED.  Singing.  All of them were happy. It gives me goose bumps to this day.

Thinking back, I ask myself the question… What captivates an audience?  My response? Emotions.

Every single time I get a response out of an “engaged” audience, it’s because they responded to emotions.  This is where video is a POWERFUL tool.  It allows the “watcher” to actually see and hear the emotions a person (perhaps being interviewed) is going through.  And, if done right, the video can carry the response to the viewer.  Creating tears, smiles, RESPONSE.

Why are the most popular videos on YouTube so popular?  Many times I have a hard time figuring that out.  They are TERRIBLY produced, usually hand held, not thought out, and even shot with the camera on your phone.  Look around all of those things, and you will find EMOTION.  The 1 million + views on that video are brought on because those people thought it was funny (dry humor perhaps), or interesting (such as a kid who sings an amazing tune).

Check out this video, recently posted by one of our Employees to youtube.  6,000 views in a few weeks…  Why?  It’s a play off of an intern’s cruel joke.  Why are people watching it?  Simple.  Because it’s FUNNY, and the mistake made by the News Organization is UNBELIEVABLE. Both plays on the audience’s emotions.

It all goes back to the central question to ask when you are creating your video, who is the audience and why do they care? We can help identify those goals, and create an engaging and responsive video.

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KTVU Pilot Names FAIL Ron Burgundy Remix
KTVU Pilot Names FAIL Ron Burgundy Remix

KTVU on air mess up. Listen to the newscaster ACTUALLY READ the names, then watch a FUNNY remix.

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