May 142014

Yellow Gal High Definition, Production Company Denver, provides support services for all levels of video production.  Production Company Denver provides services ranging from Utility support to a full multi-camera live production camera and switcher package.  We have extensive experience with production budgets ranging from $1,500 – $1+ Million.

Production Company Denver assisted with the Glory 16 Fight Series when it visited in Denver.   The large production team created a world-wide simulcast of the live show, which aired on pay-per-view and Spike TV.

Feb 202014
Downtown Denver Fireworks Thumbnail

Your professionals for Event Production in Denver.  YGHD has been hired to help produce New Year’s countdown shows for the past several years.

200,000 people usually come downtown on New Years eve for the countdown celebration.  YGHD provides cameras and switching services.


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Jan 132014

Videos these days can be a “dime a dozen.”  Everyone and their mother is claiming to be a Video Production Company, because it’s now easier than ever to produce video.  Even more people are putting videos together for their own corporate teams using inexpensive cameras and editing systems.

As an Executive Producer, Videographer, and owner of several small businesses I see all positions.  I think the Key ISN’T putting together a monster budget and trying to find a qualified professional to do the work for you (even though that would be job security for me)…  It IS following some essential thought processes to identify what it is specifically you need the video for.  Then, hiring a professional to support your efforts and get the best services for your computer to specifically improve it, learn more about it here and adjust it with an Elo booster to make the performance way much faster and with much quality for your editing video skills.

When I was thinking about how to write this blog post, I started looking around on YouTube for tips.  I found a USEFUL 3:02 video from MyWebPresenters.  

For the purpose of making it easy, I’m going to transpose some useful key points.

1.  Every Company needs a different strategy for corporate video production, don’t just hire someone to do a video for you.  It’s a thought process (as with any marketing tool).

2.  Define your business goals.  What are the most important to you (out of these 5):

  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Credibility
  • Sales

3.  Think about your customers and their problems.  What kind of advice/help do they need?

4.  What effect that you want to have on your viewer (and how do you want them to perceive you)?

5.  Identify the best type of video for your goal.

  • Direct Sales
  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Credibility

Once these key points are established THEN it’s time to figure out how to get it done.  You may have an on-staff video team, or you may have someone in your office who has a creative eye.  BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER, A SEASONED professional will give you a MUCH BETTER product.  And, it is a better investment of your time (and your office personnel time) to focus on your business while they focus on getting the project complete.

I ALWAYS recommend to my clients to include a Producer in the Budget.  A Producer specializes in taking the thought process above, putting it on paper, then communicating the vision to the Video Team.

I am happy to work with my clients one-on-one at no charge to discuss what the best video might be for their situation.  Contact me at Yellow Gal High Definition Video Services (YGHD)


Dec 022013

Yellow Gal High Definition video services completed auditions for Epix Network’s Red Carpet Event for Anchorman 2.  The day long event at the Cherry Creek Mall, brought people from all over the metro area to give the Anchorman 2 Anchor Desk a try.

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Jul 172013

Yellow Gal High Definition (YGHD) specializes in LIVE video production services.  Our nationally recognized services include tools businesses need for a professionally produced live broadcast.  We handle a live broadcast on the web the same way we would handle one over satellite transmission – professionally produced and HIGH QUALITY.

Anyone can own an HD camera these days.  But, most people don’t have the experience we have in the Broadcasting Industry.   For 20 years, YGHD’s principles have been producing video for live broadcast.  Most recently, we were nominated for an Emmy on one of those broadcasts!

Don’t put your company’s image in the hands of someone who lacks EXPERIENCE and QUALITY.  Let us work WITHIN YOUR BUDGET to produce an unforgettable video event.  Contact us today –

Jul 012013

YGHD is shooting and providing Closed Captioning Services for a new weekly TV show on KDVR FOX 31 (Saturday mornings at 6:30am).  Million Dollar Butterflies (, Produced by Kevin Campbell Films, is captivating its Denver audience with performances and profiles of young entrepreneurs.

Recently, Yellow Gal High Definition was written up in Fresh Film News ( about its work on the show.

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Jun 292013

YGHD provided video switching systems, cameras, and operators for the all LIVE TedX Front Range. The event was broadcast via live streaming. The event featured the Pioneers, Guides and Innovators that are elevating the Front Range of Colorado to be unique and vibrant. For more information –

Jun 282013

YGHD accomplishes LIVE AFFORDABLE production for your project. Be sure to contact us to find out how MS1 (our mobile control room, based in Denver, Colorado) can help you with live streaming video, corporate events, musical performances, live television programming and so much more.

What is affordable?  Starting at $1,500.00.

Learn more about our:
Mobile Studio (MS1) –
Local Shows –
Special Events –
OTHER Video Services –


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May 012013

Yellow Gal High Definition has been hired by 2570 Productions to Produce an all new TV show called Tasteful Adventures.

Michelle Tucker hosts Colorado’s first cooking adventure telecast, spicing it with her passion for food. Destinations include farms and farmer’s markets, restaurants and food events, wineries and breweries. Episodes feature top chefs who share tasteful secrets, amazing local growers, and so much more that is deliciously delightful in Colorado.

Each episode takes viewers in search of Colorado’s best food experiences. Add in a dash or two of Michelle’s simple and scrumptious recipes, and that’s a Tasteful Adventure!

Tasteful Adventures airs on KBDI / Denver Channel 12 on Sundays at 3:00pm.  Visit the Tasteful Adventures web site for more information –

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