Feb 202014
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Your professionals for Event Production in Denver.  YGHD has been hired to help produce New Year’s countdown shows for the past several years.

200,000 people usually come downtown on New Years eve for the countdown celebration.  YGHD provides cameras and switching services.


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Jan 132014

Videos these days can be a “dime a dozen.”  Everyone and their mother is claiming to be a Video Production Company, because it’s now easier than ever to produce video.  Even more people are putting videos together for their own corporate teams using inexpensive cameras and editing systems.

As an Executive Producer, Videographer, and owner of several small businesses I see all positions.  I think the Key ISN’T putting together a monster budget and trying to find a qualified professional to do the work for you (even though that would be job security for me)…  It IS following some essential thought processes to identify what it is specifically you need the video for.  Then, hiring a professional to support your efforts and get the best services for your computer to specifically improve it, learn more about it here and adjust it with an Elo booster to make the performance way much faster and with much quality for your editing video skills.

When I was thinking about how to write this blog post, I started looking around on YouTube for tips.  I found a USEFUL 3:02 video from MyWebPresenters.  

For the purpose of making it easy, I’m going to transpose some useful key points.

1.  Every Company needs a different strategy for corporate video production, don’t just hire someone to do a video for you.  It’s a thought process (as with any marketing tool).

2.  Define your business goals.  What are the most important to you (out of these 5):

  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Credibility
  • Sales

3.  Think about your customers and their problems.  What kind of advice/help do they need?

4.  What effect that you want to have on your viewer (and how do you want them to perceive you)?

5.  Identify the best type of video for your goal.

  • Direct Sales
  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Credibility

Once these key points are established THEN it’s time to figure out how to get it done.  You may have an on-staff video team, or you may have someone in your office who has a creative eye.  BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER, A SEASONED professional will give you a MUCH BETTER product.  And, it is a better investment of your time (and your office personnel time) to focus on your business while they focus on getting the project complete.

I ALWAYS recommend to my clients to include a Producer in the Budget.  A Producer specializes in taking the thought process above, putting it on paper, then communicating the vision to the Video Team.

I am happy to work with my clients one-on-one at no charge to discuss what the best video might be for their situation.  Contact me at Yellow Gal High Definition Video Services (YGHD)http://yghdtv.com/contact-us


Aug 032013

LIVE is everywhere.

  • Your Facebook News Feed
  • Google Hangouts
  • YouTube
  • On your phone with Twitter and Instagram
  • Skype
  • Various live streaming websites (like Ustream and Livestream)
  • ….and MUCH MORE

That’s not even accounting for the traditional forms of live broadcast (such as television and radio).

In the video world, when you say you need to create LIVE – people tend to think the price tag just went up several thousand dollars. In this day of age – that necessarily isn’t the case.

Why might your organization need live video services?

Let’s first identify the need.

Let’s say you have a special fundraising event. Your organization might want to interact with another location or perhaps bring in an audience of people through the Internet (even charging that audience to connect in or doing remote fundraising). What turns heads (with live) is originality, interaction, and thought. There must be a purpose for Live, not just because it’s cool.

The price tag doesn’t have to be huge. In the fundraising case, for instance, I might suggest to combine a twitter and social media feed, a live streaming output of the program, and chat interaction with a speaker (or several of them). Perhaps even a stream of a lice fundraising auction taking place in the room. All of it can be done with a group of sharp interns and a good video team. And, if you have the video team there already, you might as well record it and put it up on a few screens in the room.

For a number of years, I worked with the Mile High Red Cross. We produced a number of stories for fundraising events – which profiled people who had SAVED LIVES (by using Red Cross training techniques). Essentially, we were profiling a product in a different way – playing on stories and audience emotions. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the house.  How did the Red Cross make money?  They asked the people in the room to contribute what they felt was worthy to support such a cause. It was the most successful fundraising technique they had used. WAY BETTER than putting a speaker on the podium (potentially with a dry speech).

Here is one of the videos. These are simple, easy to produce and completed within a $400 per video budget range! I produced 6 of them for $2400 (total cost).

No matter what your situation is, it’s important first, to identify your audience then design the support tools around it. That’s what Yellow Gal High Definition does (as Producers). http://yghdtv.com

Back to cost. I am a professional and I don’t work for free (and I don’t need more material for my “demo reel.”) But, I do charge an honest and competitive rate. By hiring a professional, your organization will present a polished product and IT WILL garner results. Your cost could be anywhere from $1,500 and up for a live video product. I say “and up,” because I don’t know what we are providing yet – do you want the “Kia” or the “Porsche?” Both are useful, but they’re different products with different demographics.

I do consult with my clients and potential clients FOR FREE, however. Lets put our heads together and come up with tools your organization can use. I LOVE to share my ideas, and I think that’s why our clients like working with us.

Contact us today – http://yghdtv.com/contact-us

Jul 302013

I started this blog post off by trying to research other production companies who produce web videos…  I did a Google Search for Web Video Production.  One company caught my eye (ranking 5th on a Google Search and a VERY SNAZZY web site).  They claim to produce award-winning videos for “stellar clients.”  I didn’t recognize MOST of their clients, but the videos weren’t bad (when we’re talking production quality).  They are HEAVY on animation.  I noticed a theme.  All of the videos were about their clients NOT their clients’ customers.  I couldn’t help but wonder how much these videos cost, I didn’t request a quote.

Then, I moved to YouTube.  Within the first 5 results, 4 of them were all Production companies trying to pitch their ability to produce quality AND LOW COST web videos.  The ONE that caught my eye was a guy giving tips for businesses to easily create web videos in a step by step method, and it was do-it-yourself.  At 1:40 in, however, Gideon recommends HIRING A PROFESSIONAL.  I suddenly like this guy (so much so that I’m going to share his video).  There are so many videos now (especially on YouTube) that are thrown together with very little production value. They have no story line, no real subject, and the thought process is all wrong (in my opinion).

A common theme in Business/Corporate videos is that they are about the business not the customer. My question for the 3 readers of my blog – If I’m going to partake in purchasing a product or service, am I more likely to buy that service if I see a compelling story AS OPPOSED to a dry presentation about what the business provides?

I hope you answered yes to the first part of my question. An amateur video producer (when I say that I mean someone who hasn’t been producing videos for more than several years), doesn’t have the experience to tell a story that an audience will identify with. They revert to the obvious.  My FIRST suggestion when planning any video is to ALWAYS tell a story, rather than to put together a dry informational video.

I need to say, hiring a professional doesn’t have to be expensive. It is actually probably a much better investment (as opposed to the lowest cost alternative). Less editing, less shoot time, and a polished product.

Our Production company (Yellow Gal High Definition) packages shoots starting at $400 with editing at $150 per hour.

If you’re efficient, and you plan – we could actually accomplish a web video (shot at your location) for $550. Is that better than FREE? No. But, as a business, would you send a hand written post card to every prospective client, pay for the stamp, and get desirable results? Just saying.  And, what is your time worth?  Does it take you 40 hours to shoot and produce the same video (that would take us 6 hours)?  Break it down and give us a call.

For more information about our Production Company – http://www.yghdtv.com/about/
Contact us today at – http://yghdtv.com/contact-us


Jul 282013

Over the past 7 years, I have been involved in Producing the Regional Emmy show for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS).  It’s hard to believe but I am actually responsible for the committee (Chair, Awards Committee) which gives the awards to all of the  news and media organizations in 3 states.

This year (while sitting in the Production booth at the Denver Performing Arts Complex), I watched as HUNDREDS of statues were given to so many well deserving and hard working people.  It was billed as the most successful Heartland area regional Emmy show.  We had very few technical issues and a SMOOTH show (and the highest attendance also).

I really value the VOLUNTEERS (myself included) who dedicate their time and efforts to this very exclusive black tie dinner.  It felt good to watch so many people have so much fun.  They were rewarded for their hard work and dedication in their professional careers, and they stuck around and HAD A GREAT TIME.

It actually reminded me – I LOVE producing shows.  I can’t wait until next year.  Believe it or not, the planning has ALREADY begun.

For more information about the Regional Emmys – http://www.emmyawards.tv/


Jul 252013
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Many times when organizers plan events, they rely on a hotel provided system to play back video, display on screen sponsor logos, and/or display a podium camera. A mobile video production studio might be a better choice.  While it helps to have ONE of the above options, it is limiting (if the organizer prefers to have seamless display of multiple sources). Hotel vendors charge PREMIUM prices to bring in equipment they don’t have.

Video for events is most successful when the video SEAMLESSLY ADDS visual elements to the event.

YGHD often suggests multiple cameras, use of pre produced videos (to help communicate messages not possible from a podium), and display of sponsor or event logos in between speakers or videos.

Another reason to use a switcher is to provide a FINISHED product quickly – even instantly. For instance, an event Producer may want to provide video copies of the event instantly to the audience (with DVDs or quick time files on a flash drive). Or, the event Producer may want to stream LIVE to an Internet audience. All of these items are made possible by using a switching system.

Yellow Gal High Definition purchased a high definition video switcher (Broadcast Pix Slate 100 HD) a few years ago for one reason. RENTING THIS EQUIPMENT IS COSTLY.

It is also typically complicated and difficult to set up. We have placed our equipment into a “flight pack” making it easy for us to bring on site and hook it up.

We can easily plug in cameras and laptops (with power point presentations), while still being able to seamlessly play video clips, run logo loops, and display one or several cameras. And, it’s cost effective. We can provide our switcher with an operations person for as little as $1500. YGHD can provide cameras, operations staff, and audio services too.

YGHD’s staff and owners have produced events throughout the state of Colorado. From 150 seat black tie dinners, to The Regional Emmy Show, to video at events with 100,000+ people. We can provide services at all levels and all budgets.

For more information about Yellow Gal High Definition – http://www.yghdtv.com/about/
For a partial equipment list – http://www.yghdtv.com/special-events/

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Jul 232013

For years, I have been trying to captivate audiences.  Sometimes successfully.  Sometimes not.

I can recall several times in my life where I have experienced the “captivation” first hand – at an event perhaps.  Looking back, those are some of the most powerful moments of my career.  One time in particular, I was Producing live video for the LED screens at a Music Festival (one of the biggest in the country).  I remember looking at the “sea” of people – 100,000 of them.  I was thinking there were about 200,000 eyes on the video we were producing at that particular moment.  And they were ENGAGED.  Singing.  All of them were happy. It gives me goose bumps to this day.

Thinking back, I ask myself the question… What captivates an audience?  My response? Emotions.

Every single time I get a response out of an “engaged” audience, it’s because they responded to emotions.  This is where video is a POWERFUL tool.  It allows the “watcher” to actually see and hear the emotions a person (perhaps being interviewed) is going through.  And, if done right, the video can carry the response to the viewer.  Creating tears, smiles, RESPONSE.

Why are the most popular videos on YouTube so popular?  Many times I have a hard time figuring that out.  They are TERRIBLY produced, usually hand held, not thought out, and even shot with the camera on your phone.  Look around all of those things, and you will find EMOTION.  The 1 million + views on that video are brought on because those people thought it was funny (dry humor perhaps), or interesting (such as a kid who sings an amazing tune).

Check out this video, recently posted by one of our Employees to youtube.  6,000 views in a few weeks…  Why?  It’s a play off of an intern’s cruel joke.  Why are people watching it?  Simple.  Because it’s FUNNY, and the mistake made by the News Organization is UNBELIEVABLE. Both plays on the audience’s emotions.

It all goes back to the central question to ask when you are creating your video, who is the audience and why do they care? We can help identify those goals, and create an engaging and responsive video.

Contact YGHD today – http://yghdtv.com/contact-us

Jul 172013

Yellow Gal High Definition (YGHD) specializes in LIVE video production services.  Our nationally recognized services include tools businesses need for a professionally produced live broadcast.  We handle a live broadcast on the web the same way we would handle one over satellite transmission – professionally produced and HIGH QUALITY.

Anyone can own an HD camera these days.  But, most people don’t have the experience we have in the Broadcasting Industry.   For 20 years, YGHD’s principles have been producing video for live broadcast.  Most recently, we were nominated for an Emmy on one of those broadcasts!

Don’t put your company’s image in the hands of someone who lacks EXPERIENCE and QUALITY.  Let us work WITHIN YOUR BUDGET to produce an unforgettable video event.  Contact us today – http://www.yghdtv.com/contact-us/

Jul 012013

YGHD is shooting and providing Closed Captioning Services for a new weekly TV show on KDVR FOX 31 (Saturday mornings at 6:30am).  Million Dollar Butterflies (http://www.milliondollarbutterflies.com/), Produced by Kevin Campbell Films, is captivating its Denver audience with performances and profiles of young entrepreneurs.

Recently, Yellow Gal High Definition was written up in Fresh Film News (http://freshfilmnews.com/news/news-colorado-film-industry/on-set/on-set-million-dollar-butterflies/6115/) about its work on the show.

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