May 142014

Yellow Gal High Definition, Production Company Denver, provides support services for all levels of video production.  Production Company Denver provides services ranging from Utility support to a full multi-camera live production camera and switcher package.  We have extensive experience with production budgets ranging from $1,500 – $1+ Million.

Production Company Denver assisted with the Glory 16 Fight Series when it visited in Denver.   The large production team created a world-wide simulcast of the live show, which aired on pay-per-view and Spike TV.

Feb 202014
Downtown Denver Fireworks Thumbnail

Your professionals for Event Production in Denver.  YGHD has been hired to help produce New Year’s countdown shows for the past several years.

200,000 people usually come downtown on New Years eve for the countdown celebration.  YGHD provides cameras and switching services.


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Dec 022013

Yellow Gal High Definition video services completed auditions for Epix Network’s Red Carpet Event for Anchorman 2.  The day long event at the Cherry Creek Mall, brought people from all over the metro area to give the Anchorman 2 Anchor Desk a try.

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Jun 292013

YGHD provided video switching systems, cameras, and operators for the all LIVE TedX Front Range. The event was broadcast via live streaming. The event featured the Pioneers, Guides and Innovators that are elevating the Front Range of Colorado to be unique and vibrant. For more information –

May 012013

Yellow Gal High Definition has been hired by 2570 Productions to Produce an all new TV show called Tasteful Adventures.

Michelle Tucker hosts Colorado’s first cooking adventure telecast, spicing it with her passion for food. Destinations include farms and farmer’s markets, restaurants and food events, wineries and breweries. Episodes feature top chefs who share tasteful secrets, amazing local growers, and so much more that is deliciously delightful in Colorado.

Each episode takes viewers in search of Colorado’s best food experiences. Add in a dash or two of Michelle’s simple and scrumptious recipes, and that’s a Tasteful Adventure!

Tasteful Adventures airs on KBDI / Denver Channel 12 on Sundays at 3:00pm.  Visit the Tasteful Adventures web site for more information –

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Nov 102012

YGHD owns and produced Dig In® (a garden-to-table TV show).  Dig In® is produced in multiple US TV markets and distributed to millions of home on a weekly basis.

Get more information at our “sister” web sites:

Good Living by Design

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May 182011

In cooperation with Nahesa Productions, YGHD has launched Good Living by Design.  The all local TV show shares design and Good Living tips with Denver area viewers every weekend on KCDO K3.  Broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays, the show is all new and an exciting addition to the Denver airwaves.

View more information on our sister site at

Top Teens Television

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Nov 192010

YGHD has launched Top Teens TV. Top Teens TV airs on KCDO K3 weekly. Be sure to watch the show, as Kendall B (from the KS107.5 morning radio show) introduces viewers to teens in Colorado who are making a difference. This all-positive feature driven show inspires teens and profiles them in a prime time tv slot.

Visit the Top Teens Tv web site at