Local Shows


YGHD Produces a full lineup of local programming in multiple TV markets.  We are proud to offer programming in Genres appealing to many audience demographics.

Dig In ColoradoGood Living by DesignTop Teens TV

Currently airing in approximately 5 million homes, YGHD has committed its resources to producing and specializing in these programs.  YGHD has been honored with Nationally Recognized Telly Awards and our clients are coming back year after year.

Sponsorships for these shows area available through our “sister” advertising Agency – AH HA Advertising (http://ahhaadvertising.com).

We proudly accept offers for new programming, and we encourage people to talk to us about how they may be a part of it.  Contact us for more information or to partner with us to create your own TV show.  It may be more affordable than you realize (we have been successful at a $3,000 per episode budget) – and it’s the perfect way to get your message out to a massive audience.

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