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Yellow Gal High Definition LLC (YGHD) has built a  High Definition Mobile Production Studio called “Mobile Studio 1” (MS1).  MS1 provides MULTI-CAMERA live switching for events and TV programming.

The economy is tough, and Producers are looking for ways to get business with low overhead.  That is why we have designed and built MS1.  Most production trucks/trailers of this magnitude will cost over $10,000 per day.  MS1 was designed from the ground up with low cost in mind.  Our per day rental rate starts at $2500!

MS1 - Mobile Studio 1

Mobile Studio 1 is a 24 foot production trailer.  It is easy to place it alongside buildings and on any street.  It easily parks in 2 city meter spaces.  HD cameras can be included in the package – we own 3 JVC HM700u HD/SDI ENG Cameras.

With our custom video input panels, simply plug your SD-SDI or HD-SDI camera into our 16×32 Blackmagic Studio Videohub on-board video router, and Broadcast Pix switching system.

We pull the trailer to you and we include an Engineer in Charge (EIC).

Parked behind the above pictured stage, MS1 is perfect at music venues.  Also, it has been used at convention centers, larger arenas, alongside buildings (in alley ways), and many others.  MS1 currently can travel within the Rocky Mountain Region.

Mobile Studio 1 has a 15’x10′ work area, with space in the back of the trailer for an Engineer.  MS1 has  heating and air conditioning, power outlets, HD/SDI video connection panels, 12 ethernet connections (for your computers or equipment).  All tables are moveable, also included is work area lighting and 2 full size 19″ equipment racks for custom installation of your gear.

When the door is closed, you have full control over lighting – so you can see every shading detail in your project on our included Broadcast monitor.

Our main work area has ample space for up to 5 people.  A common configuration might include a Technical Director, Audio Tech, Producer, Director, and Graphics operator.  Our custom virtual monitor wall allows you to design the best layout for your project, and save it with your own preset.  The monitor display all video inputs (coming into the trailer) in HD.

MS1 was designed for use for multi-camera broadcasting (including live streaming, jumbotron/large screen production, TV broadcast, and much more).  Our on-board Broadcast Pix Slate switching system can support up to 8 cameras (HD/SDI, SDI, and/or SD).

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MS1 Rack & Seating diagram (pdf)

Printable 3d Renders (pdf)

MS1 Printable Tri-fold flyer (pdf)


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