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Videos these days can be a “dime a dozen.”  Everyone and their mother is claiming to be a Video Production Company, because it’s now easier than ever to produce video.  Even more people are putting videos together for their own corporate teams using inexpensive cameras and editing systems.

As an Executive Producer, Videographer, and owner of several small businesses I see all positions.  I think the Key ISN’T putting together a monster budget and trying to find a qualified professional to do the work for you (even though that would be job security for me)…  It IS following some essential thought processes to identify what it is specifically you need the video for.  Then, hiring a professional to support your efforts.

When I was thinking about how to write this blog post, I started looking around on YouTube for tips.  I found a USEFUL 3:02 video from MyWebPresenters.  

For the purpose of making it easy, I’m going to transpose some useful key points.

1.  Every Company needs a different strategy for corporate video production, don’t just hire someone to do a video for you.  It’s a thought process (as with any marketing tool).

2.  Define your business goals.  What are the most important to you (out of these 5):

  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Credibility
  • Sales

3.  Think about your customers and their problems.  What kind of advice/help do they need?

4.  What effect that you want to have on your viewer (and how do you want them to perceive you)?

5.  Identify the best type of video for your goal.

  • Direct Sales
  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Credibility

Once these key points are established THEN it’s time to figure out how to get it done.  You may have an on-staff video team, or you may have someone in your office who has a creative eye.  BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER, A SEASONED professional will give you a MUCH BETTER product.  And, it is a better investment of your time (and your office personnel time) to focus on your business while they focus on getting the project complete.

I ALWAYS recommend to my clients to include a Producer in the Budget.  A Producer specializes in taking the thought process above, putting it on paper, then communicating the vision to the Video Team.

I am happy to work with my clients one-on-one at no charge to discuss what the best video might be for their situation.  Contact me at Yellow Gal High Definition Video Services (YGHD)http://yghdtv.com/contact-us


Denver Media Center

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May 182011

Due to its overwhelming success, YGHD has embarked on a new adventure!  The company has moved its operations to a 7,000 square foot facility.  The space was leased by YGHD on 4/15/10.  On site, YGHD pairs its popular MS1 control room with 2 separate Production Studio areas to create a collaboration location for multimedia professionals.

Check out our all new web site at http://denvermediacenter.com

Our new address:

2875 S. Tejon St.
Englewood, CO  80110

Dec 082009

tellybronzelargeThe YGHD team has received NATIONAL recognition for production of 2 Denver area TV shows, Get the Dirt: Gardening in Colorado and Keeping it Real: Walking the Halls of Colorado High Schools!  These shows were produced and aired on KWHD and KWHS TV in Denver and Colorado Springs.

We are honored to receive these awards. We were selected among more than 13,000 entrants as top two in two separate categories.

TV Teen (Keeping it Real), Bronze

TV Informational (Get the Dirt), Bronze

Examples of the shows and segments created will be posted to this web site.

To get more information about the programs – Check out KeepingItRealColorado.com AND GetTheDirtColorado.com