Jan 132014

Videos these days can be a “dime a dozen.”  Everyone and their mother is claiming to be a Video Production Company, because it’s now easier than ever to produce video.  Even more people are putting videos together for their own corporate teams using inexpensive cameras and editing systems.

As an Executive Producer, Videographer, and owner of several small businesses I see all positions.  I think the Key ISN’T putting together a monster budget and trying to find a qualified professional to do the work for you (even though that would be job security for me)…  It IS following some essential thought processes to identify what it is specifically you need the video for.  Then, hiring a professional to support your efforts.

When I was thinking about how to write this blog post, I started looking around on YouTube for tips.  I found a USEFUL 3:02 video from MyWebPresenters.  

For the purpose of making it easy, I’m going to transpose some useful key points.

1.  Every Company needs a different strategy for corporate video production, don’t just hire someone to do a video for you.  It’s a thought process (as with any marketing tool).

2.  Define your business goals.  What are the most important to you (out of these 5):

  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Credibility
  • Sales

3.  Think about your customers and their problems.  What kind of advice/help do they need?

4.  What effect that you want to have on your viewer (and how do you want them to perceive you)?

5.  Identify the best type of video for your goal.

  • Direct Sales
  • Trust
  • Awareness
  • Appeal
  • Credibility

Once these key points are established THEN it’s time to figure out how to get it done.  You may have an on-staff video team, or you may have someone in your office who has a creative eye.  BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER, A SEASONED professional will give you a MUCH BETTER product.  And, it is a better investment of your time (and your office personnel time) to focus on your business while they focus on getting the project complete.

I ALWAYS recommend to my clients to include a Producer in the Budget.  A Producer specializes in taking the thought process above, putting it on paper, then communicating the vision to the Video Team.

I am happy to work with my clients one-on-one at no charge to discuss what the best video might be for their situation.  Contact me at Yellow Gal High Definition Video Services (YGHD)http://yghdtv.com/contact-us


Jul 302013

I started this blog post off by trying to research other production companies who produce web videos…  I did a Google Search for Web Video Production.  One company caught my eye (ranking 5th on a Google Search and a VERY SNAZZY web site).  They claim to produce award-winning videos for “stellar clients.”  I didn’t recognize MOST of their clients, but the videos weren’t bad (when we’re talking production quality).  They are HEAVY on animation.  I noticed a theme.  All of the videos were about their clients NOT their clients’ customers.  I couldn’t help but wonder how much these videos cost, I didn’t request a quote.

Then, I moved to YouTube.  Within the first 5 results, 4 of them were all Production companies trying to pitch their ability to produce quality AND LOW COST web videos.  The ONE that caught my eye was a guy giving tips for businesses to easily create web videos in a step by step method, and it was do-it-yourself.  At 1:40 in, however, Gideon recommends HIRING A PROFESSIONAL.  I suddenly like this guy (so much so that I’m going to share his video).  There are so many videos now (especially on YouTube) that are thrown together with very little production value. They have no story line, no real subject, and the thought process is all wrong (in my opinion).

A common theme in Business/Corporate videos is that they are about the business not the customer. My question for the 3 readers of my blog – If I’m going to partake in purchasing a product or service, am I more likely to buy that service if I see a compelling story AS OPPOSED to a dry presentation about what the business provides?

I hope you answered yes to the first part of my question. An amateur video producer (when I say that I mean someone who hasn’t been producing videos for more than several years), doesn’t have the experience to tell a story that an audience will identify with. They revert to the obvious.  My FIRST suggestion when planning any video is to ALWAYS tell a story, rather than to put together a dry informational video.

I need to say, hiring a professional doesn’t have to be expensive. It is actually probably a much better investment (as opposed to the lowest cost alternative). Less editing, less shoot time, and a polished product.

Our Production company (Yellow Gal High Definition) packages shoots starting at $400 with editing at $150 per hour.

If you’re efficient, and you plan – we could actually accomplish a web video (shot at your location) for $550. Is that better than FREE? No. But, as a business, would you send a hand written post card to every prospective client, pay for the stamp, and get desirable results? Just saying.  And, what is your time worth?  Does it take you 40 hours to shoot and produce the same video (that would take us 6 hours)?  Break it down and give us a call.

For more information about our Production Company – http://www.yghdtv.com/about/
Contact us today at – http://yghdtv.com/contact-us


Jul 252013
MS1 Switcher Thumbnail

Many times when organizers plan events, they rely on a hotel provided system to play back video, display on screen sponsor logos, and/or display a podium camera. A mobile video production studio might be a better choice.  While it helps to have ONE of the above options, it is limiting (if the organizer prefers to have seamless display of multiple sources). Hotel vendors charge PREMIUM prices to bring in equipment they don’t have.

Video for events is most successful when the video SEAMLESSLY ADDS visual elements to the event.

YGHD often suggests multiple cameras, use of pre produced videos (to help communicate messages not possible from a podium), and display of sponsor or event logos in between speakers or videos.

Another reason to use a switcher is to provide a FINISHED product quickly – even instantly. For instance, an event Producer may want to provide video copies of the event instantly to the audience (with DVDs or quick time files on a flash drive). Or, the event Producer may want to stream LIVE to an Internet audience. All of these items are made possible by using a switching system.

Yellow Gal High Definition purchased a high definition video switcher (Broadcast Pix Slate 100 HD) a few years ago for one reason. RENTING THIS EQUIPMENT IS COSTLY.

It is also typically complicated and difficult to set up. We have placed our equipment into a “flight pack” making it easy for us to bring on site and hook it up.

We can easily plug in cameras and laptops (with power point presentations), while still being able to seamlessly play video clips, run logo loops, and display one or several cameras. And, it’s cost effective. We can provide our switcher with an operations person for as little as $1500. YGHD can provide cameras, operations staff, and audio services too.

YGHD’s staff and owners have produced events throughout the state of Colorado. From 150 seat black tie dinners, to The Regional Emmy Show, to video at events with 100,000+ people. We can provide services at all levels and all budgets.

For more information about Yellow Gal High Definition – http://www.yghdtv.com/about/
For a partial equipment list – http://www.yghdtv.com/special-events/

Nightvision Stage IMG_3239 l_2048_1536_95CA2C78-CCD9-4AC7-A240-B98E8F986CB6.jpeg Multi-viewer Monitor wall MVC-867S n1343696526_30070292_9734 Copy of n1343696526_30070285_8003

Jan 302010


Yellow Gal High Definition (YGHD) purchased two identical MacBook Pro High Defintion editing systems yesterday.  “These computers will give us the added tools we need in MS1 and for our general editing clients,” said Blaine Howerton, one of YGHDtv’s partners. MS1 is YGHD’s new Mobile Production Studio – to be used by Rocky Mountain Regional producers to create multi-camera LIVE-to-file HD Video Productions.

YGHD currently works with several local companies to produce TV spots, TV programming, and business presentations for marketing purposes.

“We are so happy to see progress within our new company,” said Howerton.  The MacBook Pros will be used with an IO card and tied into MS1’s HD-SDI recording system.  This gives YGHD’s clients the option of recording material directly to file.  Then a file transfer system on the Mobile Studio system will deliver the material to the paying client without tape.  “It’s the time we live in.  Complete tapeless transfer saves you time and money,” said partner Nick Arnold.

Additionally, the new system gives Producers the option of 2 on-site video editing systems.  These systems could be used for immediate playback, or highlight feature editing.

MS1 is planned for completion and demonstration in March 2010.  To see more information go to http://yghdtv.com/mobile-studio.  To book MS1 for your project go tohttp://www.yghdtv.com/contact-us/ or call 720-255-1640.

Dec 082009

YGHD announces build out of a High Definition Production trailer!  This exciting new product will offer affordable multi-camera TV Production at the region’s most affordable rates.

Read more about our trailer at http://www.yghdtv.com/mobile-studio/

Our HD-SDI 24 foot Production trailer will seat up to a crew of 8 people.  With workstations and rack space for a 9 camera production, YGHD’s new Production trailer can be delivered on-location and packaged with a complete High Definition crew.

YGHD’s founders have produced thousands of hours of award winning live programming.  Rest assured, we can provide solutions unmatched by other Denver area TV Production companies.

Contact us today for a custom designed estimate for your production.