Aug 032013

LIVE is everywhere.

  • Your Facebook News Feed
  • Google Hangouts
  • YouTube
  • On your phone with Twitter and Instagram
  • Skype
  • Various live streaming websites (like Ustream and Livestream)
  • ….and MUCH MORE

That’s not even accounting for the traditional forms of live broadcast (such as television and radio).

In the video world, when you say you need to create LIVE – people tend to think the price tag just went up several thousand dollars. In this day of age – that necessarily isn’t the case.

Why might your organization need live video services?

Let’s first identify the need.

Let’s say you have a special fundraising event. Your organization might want to interact with another location or perhaps bring in an audience of people through the Internet (even charging that audience to connect in or doing remote fundraising). What turns heads (with live) is originality, interaction, and thought. There must be a purpose for Live, not just because it’s cool.

The price tag doesn’t have to be huge. In the fundraising case, for instance, I might suggest to combine a twitter and social media feed, a live streaming output of the program, and chat interaction with a speaker (or several of them). Perhaps even a stream of a lice fundraising auction taking place in the room. All of it can be done with a group of sharp interns and a good video team. And, if you have the video team there already, you might as well record it and put it up on a few screens in the room.

For a number of years, I worked with the Mile High Red Cross. We produced a number of stories for fundraising events – which profiled people who had SAVED LIVES (by using Red Cross training techniques). Essentially, we were profiling a product in a different way – playing on stories and audience emotions. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the house.  How did the Red Cross make money?  They asked the people in the room to contribute what they felt was worthy to support such a cause. It was the most successful fundraising technique they had used. WAY BETTER than putting a speaker on the podium (potentially with a dry speech).

Here is one of the videos. These are simple, easy to produce and completed within a $400 per video budget range! I produced 6 of them for $2400 (total cost).

No matter what your situation is, it’s important first, to identify your audience then design the support tools around it. That’s what Yellow Gal High Definition does (as Producers).

Back to cost. I am a professional and I don’t work for free (and I don’t need more material for my “demo reel.”) But, I do charge an honest and competitive rate. By hiring a professional, your organization will present a polished product and IT WILL garner results. Your cost could be anywhere from $1,500 and up for a live video product. I say “and up,” because I don’t know what we are providing yet – do you want the “Kia” or the “Porsche?” Both are useful, but they’re different products with different demographics.

I do consult with my clients and potential clients FOR FREE, however. Lets put our heads together and come up with tools your organization can use. I LOVE to share my ideas, and I think that’s why our clients like working with us.

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