Jul 252013
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Many times when organizers plan events, they rely on a hotel provided system to play back video, display on screen sponsor logos, and/or display a podium camera. A mobile video production studio might be a better choice.  While it helps to have ONE of the above options, it is limiting (if the organizer prefers to have seamless display of multiple sources). Hotel vendors charge PREMIUM prices to bring in equipment they don’t have.

Video for events is most successful when the video SEAMLESSLY ADDS visual elements to the event.

YGHD often suggests multiple cameras, use of pre produced videos (to help communicate messages not possible from a podium), and display of sponsor or event logos in between speakers or videos.

Another reason to use a switcher is to provide a FINISHED product quickly – even instantly. For instance, an event Producer may want to provide video copies of the event instantly to the audience (with DVDs or quick time files on a flash drive). Or, the event Producer may want to stream LIVE to an Internet audience. All of these items are made possible by using a switching system.

Yellow Gal High Definition purchased a high definition video switcher (Broadcast Pix Slate 100 HD) a few years ago for one reason. RENTING THIS EQUIPMENT IS COSTLY.

It is also typically complicated and difficult to set up. We have placed our equipment into a “flight pack” making it easy for us to bring on site and hook it up.

We can easily plug in cameras and laptops (with power point presentations), while still being able to seamlessly play video clips, run logo loops, and display one or several cameras. And, it’s cost effective. We can provide our switcher with an operations person for as little as $1500. YGHD can provide cameras, operations staff, and audio services too.

YGHD’s staff and owners have produced events throughout the state of Colorado. From 150 seat black tie dinners, to The Regional Emmy Show, to video at events with 100,000+ people. We can provide services at all levels and all budgets.

For more information about Yellow Gal High Definition – http://www.yghdtv.com/about/
For a partial equipment list – http://www.yghdtv.com/special-events/

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