Jul 172013

Yellow Gal High Definition (YGHD) specializes in LIVE video production services.  Our nationally recognized services include tools businesses need for a professionally produced live broadcast.  We handle a live broadcast on the web the same way we would handle one over satellite transmission – professionally produced and HIGH QUALITY.

Anyone can own an HD camera these days.  But, most people don’t have the experience we have in the Broadcasting Industry.   For 20 years, YGHD’s principles have been producing video for live broadcast.  Most recently, we were nominated for an Emmy on one of those broadcasts!

Don’t put your company’s image in the hands of someone who lacks EXPERIENCE and QUALITY.  Let us work WITHIN YOUR BUDGET to produce an unforgettable video event.  Contact us today – http://www.yghdtv.com/contact-us/

Jun 292013

YGHD provided video switching systems, cameras, and operators for the all LIVE TedX Front Range. The event was broadcast via live streaming. The event featured the Pioneers, Guides and Innovators that are elevating the Front Range of Colorado to be unique and vibrant. For more information – http://www.tedxfrontrange.com/


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Jul 212011

Yellow Gal High Definition will produce a live video feed with Mobile Studio 1 (MS1) for Heavenfest in a few weeks.  The 30,000+ person Christian Rock festival in Loveland, Colorado has recently contracted with YGHD.  YGHD will provide our exclusive HD Production Truck MS1 and 3 HD cameras, and a crew of 6 people for the festival.  Get more information about Heavenfest at http://www.heavenfest.com/ Get more information about MS1 at http://yghdtv.com/mobile-studio

Colorado State of Mind

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Jul 212011

MS1 and YGHD will work with Rocky Mountain PBS to produce Colorado State of Mind on location in Keystone, Colorado.  The 3 camera HD on location shoot will give Rocky Mountain PBS a finished TV project, which can be turned around and aired on their station within a few days.  Get more information about Colorado State of Mind at http://www.rmpbs.org/stateofmind/ Get more information about Mobile Studio 1 (MS1 is a Denver based HD Production Truck) at http://yghdtv.com/mobile-studio

Jul 022010

Yellow Gal High Definition (YGHD) will travel to Olathe, Colorado on Thursday to head up video production efforts for two jumbotron led screens at a large music festival.

Nightvision is a Christian Music Festival, which takes place at the Olathe Community Park. Tens of thousand of people will enjoy more than 20 performances. A crew of 6 people will work out of Mobile Studio 1 (ms1) at the festival over two separate days.

Jun 232010

Mobile studio 1 broadcasted it’s first images last week at a celebration for the Bill Daniel’s Fund. The 4 camera shoot was streamed in HD to 5 regional universities. In conjunction with Rocky Mountain PBS, Yellow Gal High Definition (YGHD) produced one hour of full HD programming, while displaying the feed on a large screen at Denver University’s Ritchie Center.

“What we have done is quite simply amazing. I couldn’t be more pleased with Mobile Studio 1’s successful start,” said Blaine Howerton, YGHD Executive.

Ms1 will travel around Colorado this summer, producing video for jumbotron’s at festivals, and for multiple camera HD broadcasts.

Mar 152010

Denver’s newest mobile High Definition Production vehicle is showing progress with the completion of our on-board ethernet wiring.  This system can support up to 48 simultaneous computer or computer network connections.   The system is fully patchable, giving MS1 Engineering staff the flexibility it needs in different on-location environments.

Some statistics:

  • More than 1,000 feet of Cat5e ethernet wiring was installed into the mobile production studio
  • There are nearly 100 ethernet  connectors on 5 separate wiring systems throughout the mobile high definition studio
  • The ethernet system took approximately 40 hours to complete, including cutting custom cables, crimping connectors, and running wiring through a new cable running system.
  • The new ethernet system will be used to support MS1’s critical High Defintion computer systems, and it will be used to create a mobile Local Area Network.

For more information on MS1, go to our web site at http://www.yghdtv.com/mobile-studio/