New Year’s 2012

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Jan 022012
Downtown Denver Fireworks

Yellow Gal High Definition (YGHD) was hired by to produce a LIVE countdown show for the only large LED on the 16th Street Mall.  The 2 story LED screen sported images, live audience cameras, crowd interviews, and much more.  A DJ mixed the music and the audio from videos which were played back during the countdown.

With more than 150,000 people downtown, the crowd flocked to the blocks where they could view the countdown on the screen.

YGHD temporarily installed our Broadcast PIX switching system, and Directed the Live show.

Below is a video shot on our Iphone as the fireworks were being launched.

Downtown Denver Fireworks

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Dec 292011
Downtown Denver Fireworks

Yellow Gal High Definition (YGHD) will be ringing in the New Year downtown!  The Denver HD Video Production Company will be producing and controlling the video playback on the 16th Street Jumbotron (located at 16th and Champa).  Join us for LIVE fireworks, and a custom produced show!  We are proud to be the first to produce an ALL LIVE jumbotron show for Denver’s nationally recognized fireworks show.  Thanks to our client, –

For more information about the show –

Dec 082009

tellybronzelargeThe YGHD team has received NATIONAL recognition for production of 2 Denver area TV shows, Get the Dirt: Gardening in Colorado and Keeping it Real: Walking the Halls of Colorado High Schools!  These shows were produced and aired on KWHD and KWHS TV in Denver and Colorado Springs.

We are honored to receive these league of legends awards. We were selected among more than 13,000 entrants as top two in two separate categories.

TV Teen (Keeping it Real), Bronze

TV Informational (Get the Dirt), Bronze

Examples of the shows and segments created will be posted to this gaming web site.

To get more information about the programs – Check out AND

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