Jul 302013

I started this blog post off by trying to research other production companies who produce web videos…  I did a Google Search for Web Video Production.  One company caught my eye (ranking 5th on a Google Search and a VERY SNAZZY web site).  They claim to produce award-winning videos for “stellar clients.”  I didn’t recognize MOST of their clients, but the videos weren’t bad (when we’re talking production quality).  They are HEAVY on animation.  I noticed a theme.  All of the videos were about their clients NOT their clients’ customers.  I couldn’t help but wonder how much these videos cost, I didn’t request a quote.

Then, I moved to YouTube.  Within the first 5 results, 4 of them were all Production companies trying to pitch their ability to produce quality AND LOW COST web videos.  The ONE that caught my eye was a guy giving tips for businesses to easily create web videos in a step by step method, and it was do-it-yourself.  At 1:40 in, however, Gideon recommends HIRING A PROFESSIONAL.  I suddenly like this guy (so much so that I’m going to share his video).  There are so many videos now (especially on YouTube) that are thrown together with very little production value. They have no story line, no real subject, and the thought process is all wrong (in my opinion).

A common theme in Business/Corporate videos is that they are about the business not the customer. My question for the 3 readers of my blog – If I’m going to partake in purchasing a product or service, am I more likely to buy that service if I see a compelling story AS OPPOSED to a dry presentation about what the business provides?

I hope you answered yes to the first part of my question. An amateur video producer (when I say that I mean someone who hasn’t been producing videos for more than several years), doesn’t have the experience to tell a story that an audience will identify with. They revert to the obvious.  My FIRST suggestion when planning any video is to ALWAYS tell a story, rather than to put together a dry informational video.

I need to say, hiring a professional doesn’t have to be expensive. It is actually probably a much better investment (as opposed to the lowest cost alternative). Less editing, less shoot time, and a polished product.

Our Production company (Yellow Gal High Definition) packages shoots starting at $400 with editing at $150 per hour.

If you’re efficient, and you plan – we could actually accomplish a web video (shot at your location) for $550. Is that better than FREE? No. But, as a business, would you send a hand written post card to every prospective client, pay for the stamp, and get desirable results? Just saying.  And, what is your time worth?  Does it take you 40 hours to shoot and produce the same video (that would take us 6 hours)?  Break it down and give us a call.

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