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MS1 is the perfect alternative to larger Production Rigs.  It can be parked, and detached from the pulling vehicle.  It fits within 2 typical city meter spaces, and parks easily near any loading dock.

Ms1 was designed to be a scalable Production solution for any budget size ($1500 and up).  It is intended for use by Producers who desire to use their own gear (if they own it or want to rent it).  Of course, we own our own switching system, cameras, comm system, coax distribution, router, monitors, and much more…  All of which is built into custom packages designed entirely for your project.

MS1 Pictures

With a total of 4 Full Size 19″ equipment racks, MS1 has ample space for installation of your gear.  This may include VTR’s, Media Recorders, Graphics workstations, and a shading workstation (to name a few).

Our custom video and audio panels allow you to place your gear wherever you like.  This includes computers (for streaming), our 16 input audio board, video switcher, additional monitors, or whichever gear you choose to ad to the trailer.  Installation of your gear is simple.  We have a full video and audio patch bay, to give you the custom setup you need.

MS1 History

Purchased in July of 2009, YGHD has converted a heavy duty trailer into a Mobile Production Studio.  You can see, we had a vision!  It wasn’t much at the time…  But what a transformation!

Before and After with MS1

MS1’s virtual monitor wall projects any source.  Connections provided for a High Definition Switcher allow for recording of a multi-camera Production to video files.  An on-board HD routing system allows us to cross switch any input (such as cameras) to any output (such as video recorders).

Our 24 foot trailer can accommodate seating of up to 6 people.  And, our experienced team has designed the trailer to have the best possible work flow with the greatest amount of rack space.

YGHD’s production solution transforms expensive multi-camera Production Trucks into affordable High Definition multi-camera remotes.


MS1 Rack & Seating diagram (pdf)

Printable 3d Renders (pdf)

MS1 Printable Tri-fold flyer (pdf)


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